Institute for Technology Assessment and  Systems Analysis (ITAS)

Study: Consequences of the corona pandemic

Which long-term consequences will the corona pandemic and the measures we are taking to counter it have for our society? In an ITAS project, experts on future issues were asked to evaluate 21 theses. The first interim results are now available.
„Gesellschaftliche Folgen der Corona-Krise – eine Zeitstudie“
Temporary closure with long-term consequences? (Source: Edwin Hooper/Unsplash)

How will the corona pandemic change everyday life, and which tasks result from it for policymakers? The once again high infection rates and the associated measures have given new impetus to the debate about the pandemic and its consequences. In an ITAS project in summer 2020, researchers from three research groups asked experts on future issues to rate and comment on 21 theses as part of an online survey entitled “Social Consequences of the Corona Crisis”. The first interim results are now available and can be accessed online (PDF German).

Long-term impacts on climate protection, social interaction, and the role of science

The visualization of the interim results shows the experts’ assessments of the individual theses with regard to their “probability of occurrence”, “political relevance”, and “duration”. The spectrum ranges from topics such as “Climate Protection”, “Solidarity and Altruism”, or “Deceleration and Sufficiency” to the “Role of Science”, “Digital Participation”, or “Consequences of Distancing”. The project team is currently working intensively on the qualitative and more in-depth quantitative evaluation of the data material. (08.12.2020)

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