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Real-world lab: Experimental book “Dein Quartier und Du”

The ITAS real-world lab “District Future” presents a multi-perspective book about research, change, and approaches for a good future for all of us. It depicts the events surrounding the experiment series “Your SustainabilityExperiment”.
Reallabor: Experimentelles Buch „Dein Quartier und Du“
Source: KIT
Reallabor: Experimentelles Buch „Dein Quartier und Du“
The table of contents of "Dein Quartier und Du" (Source: KIT)

The idea behind Your SustainabilityExperiment was to set new impulses for a sustainable way of life in the real-world lab and to test these in the form of experiments. The focus was on aspects of “community” and “deceleration” as a prerequisite for sustainable development. Knowledge should be created and passed on through learning and experimenting, sustainability should become tangible and experienceable.

In cooperation with the Bürgerstiftung Karlsruhe (Citizens’ Foundation Karlsruhe), researchers of the district future initiated and advised groups of committed citizens for nine months during their experiments.

Insights beyond scientific examination

The book gives a variety of impressions of this joint work, explains the background, and shows visions for a sustainable development of our society. The diversity of perspectives is unique here: completely in line with “transdisciplinary research” that goes beyond a purely scientific examination of a problem, the book dares to provide a mix of scientific essays, field reports, personal statements, and visual insights into the world of experimentation for more sustainability. Thus, it also reflects the diversity and liveliness of the work in a real-world lab.

“Dein Quartier und Du” (“Your district and you”) is available online free of charge or can be ordered in bound form from KIT Scientific Publishing. (08.05.2020)

Bibliographic information:

Quartier Zukunft (Ed.)
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