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Robo- and Informationethics. Some Fundamentals

Zürich, Berlin: LIT, 2012, ISBN 978-3-643-90208-5, 264 S., 29,90 Euro
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Robo- and Informationethics: Some Introducing Remarks
  Michael Decker & Mathias Gutmann 3
Armed Robots and Preventive Arms Control
  Jürgen Altmann 7
Investigating the robot in the Loop.
Technology Assessment in the Interdisciplinary Research Field Service Rotics
  Martin Meister 31
Technology Assessment of Service Robotics. Preliminary Thoughts Guided by Case Studies
  Michael Decker 53
Ethical Aspects of Autonomous Systems
  Herman T. Tavani 89
Anthropocentric-Based Robotic and Autonomous Systems: Assessment for New Organisational Options
  António Brandão Moniz 123
Ethical and Critical Views on Studies on Robots and Roboethics
  Makoto Nakada 159
Can Robots Plan, and What Does the Answer to this Question Mean?
  Armin Grunwald 189
Between Innovative Forms of Technology and Human Autonomy:
Possibilities and Limitations of the Technical Substitution of Human Work
  Peter Janich 211
Action and Autonomy: A Hidden Dilemma in Artificial Autonomous Systems
  Mathias Gutmann, Benjamin Rathgeber & Tareq Syed 231


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