KIT-Logo Torben B.Zülsdorf, ChristopherCoenen, Arianna Ferrari, Ulrich Fiedeler, Colin Milburn, Matthias Wienroth (Hrsg.)

Quantum Engagements
Social reflections of nanoscience and emerging technologies

Heidelberg: AKA GmbH, 2011, ISBN 978-3-89838-659-3, 257 S., 60,00 Euro
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  Arie Rip, Alfred Nordmann, and Ingrid Ott v
Always Engage: Quantum Entanglements, Molecular Affairs
  Colin Milburn, Christopher Coenen, Arianna Ferrari, Ulrich Fiedeler, Matthias Wienroth, Torben B. Zülsdorf 1
What Has Nanotechnology Taught Us about Contemporary Technoscience?
  Richard A. L. Jones 13
Distrust and the Pharmacology of Transformational Technologies
  Bernard Stiegler 27
Ten Years of Research on Nanotechnology and Society - Outcomes and Achievements
  Armin Grunwald 41
Governing Nano by Dialogue
  Christiane Hauser, André Gazsó, and Mario Kaiser 59
Exploring Ambivalence: Techno-Enthusiasm and Skepticism in US Nanotech Deliberations
  Barbara Herr Harthorn, Christine Shearer, and Jennifer Rogers 75
Encountering 'The Politics of Technology': Public Engagement from the Bottom Up
  Alexandra Plows and Michael Reinsborough 91
Breaking the Consensus: A Perspective on Technological Governance from Brazil
  Julia Guivant and Philip Macnaghten 109
Public Engagement in Emerging Technologies: Issues for India
  Indrani Barpujari 123
The 'Wicked' Problem of Regulating Nanotechnologies: Local and Global Challenges
  Diana M. Bowman and Joel D'Silva 139
Governmental Regulatory Reforms for Nanomaterials:
Policies Proposed by Civil Society Organizations and Industry for the Reform
of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)
  Anna Lamprou 151
Distinguishing Risk and Uncertainty in Risk Assessments of Emerging Technologies
  Kevin C. Elliott and Michael Dickson 165
On Intervention, Construction and Creation: Power and Knowledge in Technoscience and Late-Modern Technology
  Karen Kastenhofer and Jan C. Schmidt 177
How to Trust a Molecule? The Case of Cyclodextrins Enterin the Nanorealm
  Sacha Loeve and Mickael Normand 195
On Reflections and Reflexivity: Unpacking Research Dispositifs
  Fran#cois Thoreau 217
Travails, Travels, and Trials: Report from the S.NET Roundtable on Plausibility
  Cynthia Selin 235
About the editors and contributors 241


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