Weber, A.; Wingert, B.

"i-mode" in Japan: How to explain its development

Vortrag auf der 15. Biennial Conference of the International Telecommunication Society. Berlin, 05. - 07.09.2004


This paper presents first results of a project about the development of i-mode and tries to draw conclusions on what a German or European reader may learn from the i-mode case. The literature about i-mode and the many success factors which have been discussed are reviewed, including cultural factors. One the project's aims is to explore the question whether i-mode is co-determined by cultural factors is. As the result of many interviews with experts and actors, i-mode appears at least to be influenced by cultural factors (e.g. quality orientation). But the fierce competition on all levels (including radio infrastructure) is the most prominent economic factor. The project is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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