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Michael Decker, John Grin, Armin Grunwald, Peter Mambrey,
Rob Reuzel, August Tepper, Gert Jan van der Wilt
I    Introduction
  Vision Assessment to Support Shaping 21st Century Society?
Technology Assessment as a Tool for Political Judgement
John Grin
II    Case Studies. Technology Assessment and the Role of Visions
  Technology Assessment as Metaphor Assessment.
Visions Guiding the Development of Information and Communications
Peter Mambrey, August Tepper
  Technology Assessment in the Health Care Area:
A Matter of Uncovering or of Covering Up?
Rob Reuzel, Gert Jan van der Wilt
  Bloodless War or Bloody Non-Sense? Technology Assessment's
Role in Uncovering Old Propositions behind New Airpower Concepts
John Grin
III    Visions and Societal Rationality
  Technology Policy between Long-Term Planning Requirements
and Short-Ranged Acceptance Problems. New Challenges
for Technology Assessment
Armin Grunwald
  Replacing Human Beings by Robots.
How to Tackle that Perspective by Technology Assessment?
Michael Decker
IV    Conclusions
  The Lessons we Learnt: First Outline of Strategy
and a Methodical Repertoire for Vision Assessment
John Grin, Michael Decker, Armin Grunwald, Peter Mambrey,
Rob Reuzel, Gert Jan van der Wilt
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