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Claudia Tomasini Montenegro

Publikationen von Claudia Tomasini Montenegro

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- 2018 -

Baumann, M.; Peters, J.; Weil, M.; Tomasini Montenegro, C.
Sustainability analysis of electrochemical storage for sectoral coupling activities. Vortrag auf dem 4th Scientific SCI Meeting - Integrated Energy, DLR, Stuttgart, 20.-21.09.2018

Peters, J.; Baumann, M.; Tomasini Montenegro, C.; Weil, M.
On the relevance of recyclability for the environmental impacts of secondary batteries. Vortrag auf dem 23rd International Congress for Battery Recycling (ICBR 2018), Berlin, 25.-28.09.2018

Peters, J.; Baumann, M.; Tomasini Montenegro, C.; Weil, M.
Stationary battery systems: Recyclability and the life cycle impact on the depletion of mineral resources. Plenarvortrag auf der 12th International Conference on Society & Materials (SAM12), Metz, Frankreich, 22.-23.05.2018

Tomasini Montenegro, C.; Peters, J.; Baumann, M.; Weil, M.
Streamlined life cycle assessment of emerging batteries in early design phases using CCaLC2 tool. Vortrag auf dem SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting, Rom, Italien, 13.-17.05.2018

Tomasini Montenegro, C.; Peters, J.; Zhao-Karger, Z.
Streamlined LCA of a non-corrosive electrolyte for rechargeable Mg-batteries. Vortrag auf dem HIU Biennial Meeting, Ulm, 03.-04.07.2018