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Type 1 diabetes: “citizen scientists” wanted

In the TeQfor1 project, researchers at ITAS are investigating the effects of open source technologies for automated insulin delivery on the quality of life of people with type 1 diabetes. The project is looking for people using such systems.
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Citizen Science directly involves citizens as researchers in science. Usually, they observe, e.g., natural events or collect data. TeQfor1 is a somewhat different Citizen Science project. It provides loopers – people who use open source closed-loop systems for automated insulin delivery – with a scientific approach. This enables them to evaluate their technologies in a sound and reliable way according to their own criteria.

The background of the project is that there are hardly any scientific studies on open source closed-loop systems that examine their effectiveness (e.g., improvement of blood glucose levels or quality of life). This is a gap that people with type 1 diabetes are supposed to close themselves in the TeQfor1 project. By constantly therapeutically managing their own diabetes, those affected not only have special expertise, but are also best placed to establish criteria for quality of life of loopers.

The project is looking for people who use such systems themselves or for their children. Interested persons from the age of 18 who use a full version of any open source closed-loop system (AndroidAPS, Open APS or iOSLoop) can register online here. (11.02.2020)

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