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Kick-off for local climate heroes

“Climate protection – let’s dare it together!” – the District Future project will support 100 households in Karlsruhe in integrating climate-friendly behavior into their everyday lives. The collective self-experiments start on 29 October 2019.
Graphic: Johanna Sterrer
Graphic: Johanna Sterrer
Graphic: Johanna Sterrer
Kick-off event

Bicycle, train, or the car? Sunday roast or vegetarian? Buy a new smartphone or keep the old one? Every day, everyone makes decisions that have a positive or negative effect on the climate. The District Future project “Climate protection – let’s dare it together!” aims to raise awareness of the need to make climate protection part and parcel of our everyday life.

So-called self-experiments in the district of Karlsruhe Oststadt and beyond are the core element of the project. Acting as “climate heroes,” individuals, households, or entire neighborhoods, can experiment with climate-friendly alternatives in the areas of nutrition, mobility, and consumption.

The starting gun for the self-experiments will be fired on Tuesday, 29 October 2019, at 6 p.m. in Alter Schlachthof 11 (76131 Karlsruhe). Those who are interested are invited to inform themselves about the project at the event (German) and join the self-experiments. We would appreciate your registration in advance.

In addition to the project team, climate coaches, who will in future act as contact persons in the district, and practical partners – such as members of the Karlsruhe Energy and Climate Protection Agency, the ADFC Karlsruhe, or the Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety Department of the City of Karlsruhe – will also be present to answer questions. (14.10.2019)

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