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Call for Papers: European TA conference

In November 2019 the European TA community meets in Bratislava. The conference puts up for discussion how technology assessment and related activities can contribute to policy making on science, technology and innovation. The 1st call ends 31 March 2019.
Logo 4th European Technology Assessment Conference

The central topic of the 4th European TA Conference in the Slovakian capital will be value-driven technologies, from smart grids to wearables, from autonomous driving to men-machine interactions, from robotics to bioeconomy, from food security to ageing and well-being. All such technologies are changing society today and will continue to do so even more in the near future.

Innovations promoted by values

The conference wants to shed light on the values that shape those technologies, how they manifest, and what socio-technical consequences they entail. Experts and policy makers will have the opportunity to discuss what role society plays or could play in the design of new technologies, what new approaches to co-creation are being explored, and what policy actions are needed to govern innovations.

The 4th European TA Conference from 4 to 6 November 2019 is jointly organized by ITAS, the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the Austrian Institute of Technology Assessment, and the Technology Centre CAS of the Czech Republic. (05.03.2019)

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